February 12, 2018:  First port of call, Alotau - 2½ days sailing from Brisbane. 

The heat, the humidity, the smells, the jungle, the rain, the green, the people ambling along, tok pisin - it's all coming back!

The sun sinks into the Coral Sea enroute to Alotau on the Pacific Aria

Pacific Aria in Alotau 

Fishermen in the clear waters of Milne Bay

Hillside village above the Alotau harbour

Arlene buying a meri blouse

Milne Bay Cultural Festival

Marilyn and Doug

The women and children are all wearing their finest bilas (decorations)

Evelyn and Steve

Traditional canoe

Local meal cooked in banana leaves over hot stones - delicious 

Alotau market - betel nut, live pigs and vegetables

Under a shady rain tree waiting for their boat ...

... liklik pinis kambek (the little boat comes back)