Kiriwina Island

February 18, 2018:  Kiriwina Island, arrived at 10 am after an overnight sail from Rabaul.

The Trobriand Islands - the people, the culture, the traditions, the food are all different from the rest of PNG.

Kiriwina Island in the Trobriand group on a perfect day

The water is so clear

Shady trees to rest under

Some of the people of Kiriwina Island 

Most of the village houses are made from traditional bush materials

Village children in traditional dress

Yam houses are unique to the Trobriands and integral to their culture

The old United Church is now getting a bit too small for the growing village

Cuscus, a type of PNG possum

The Trobriands are famous for their wooden carvings inlaid with mother of pearl

A traditional sailing canoe rides the waves, boy sits on his canoe, Doug returns from snorkling