February 19, 2018:  Kitava Island, 60 nm from Kiriwina Island.

Kitava Island in the Trobriands - people live pretty much as they always have; their diet of yams, fruit, fish and coconut unchanged.

Nuratu Atoll, fringed with white sand, is 200 meters from Kitava Island

Boy waiting for passengers to Nuratu 

Taking cruise boat passengers across

Evelyn and Steve ready to sail

Kitava women bringing their crafts to the beach market

Carvings laid out on the sand - we bought a small bowl 

Woman with baby and dog

Path to the village

A Kitava village, yam house and haus wind

The village United Church

The church bells (drum)

School science class; we were pleasantly surprised by the high standard of spoken English in PNG

Free range and organic

Kitava kids