February 14, 2018:  Madang, 513 nautical miles and 1½ days from Alotau. 

Back to where it all began - Evelyn, Pam, Marilyn, Arlene (Lto R) born in Madang; Pam and I met in Madang and started our life together there.


Dawn on Astrolobe Bay coming in to Madang

PNG, land of the unexpected.

Two years planning, Marilyn and Evelyn along with their husbands out from America, Pam and Arlene from Australia - excitement building we arrived off Madang to the news that there was an (unconfirmed) outbreak of Anthrax in Madang.  Really.  You couldn't make this up. 

So, after only about an hour of holding in Astrolobe Bay, at 9am Pacific Aria set sail for Wewak.  We weren't happy.  Click for Post Courier report.

Turns out there was no "Anthrax outbreak" in Madang, merely an unofficial post on Facebook - bitterly disappointed in P&O.  Click for The National report.

 As close as we got - a view of Coastwatchers Lighthouse, so near and yet so far  

Does our disappointment show?

Little Pig Isand, just off Madang, still beautiful 

Doug and Marilyn look back at Marilyn's birthplace, Graged Island as we leave Madang behind

The sweet people of Madang and Graged awaiting our arrival that never happened

We sailed by Karkar Island, about 60 km NE of Madang, enroute to Wewak